Stop losing time and money in your projects!

  • Shorten industry project durations – get remarkable cost savings
  • Improve occupational safety
  • Get rid of printed lists and manual documentation – real time work follow up
  • Automatic data collection for future project development
  • Improved job satisfaction


Plan and execute industrial projects.

Tool4Pro is a project management software for all industries. It is especially designed to help in daily tasks, scheduled process shutdowns, assembly projects, and construction projects. The software provides user interface in common web browsers and the software’s deployment time is minimal.

With Tool4Pro you can get rid of printed documentation. Each project data is automatically saved and can be used a template for future projects. Contact us today and start improving your project planning and implementation!


Tool4Pro is suitable for all industry sectors. Mining and paper industry professionals have helped us to define the correct requirements for the software. We will help you to setup a tailored Tool4Pro environment for any industry. Please Contact us for further information.

Mechanical wood processing industry
Mechanical wood processing industry

Mining site annual maintenance
Mining site annual maintenance

Chemical industry
Chemical industry



  • Fast task creation
  • Real-time task tracking
  • Intuitive personal safety equipment and work permit selection
  • Automatic time tracking
  • Task relationships and blockers
  • Overview of project progress
  • Compressed view for team members and sub-contractors
  • Data collection to help future project planning
Tool4Pro Summary view

Image: A project manager can see with one glance how different task groups and tasks are progressing. Tool4Pro also keeps track on hours spent on a task. This helps to plan future projects.

Tool4Pro Task view

Image: The task view shows states, time used, protective equipment needed, responsible person/team, buttons like in a music player tell whether task has been started, is on pause or is finished. Some tasks can be waiting for other tasks. A new task can be started from the bottom.

tool4pro smart phone view
tool4pro smart phone view

Image: A repair or assembly team member sees a compressed view. User sees only tasks assigned to him or her. Tool4Pro’s compressed view can be easily accessed from a smart phone.

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